Sustainable Management

The tree industry transcribes new arrangements, creating innovative interactions between society and nature. Norflor works to ensure positive results while protecting what is most precious: people and nature.

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Making a difference

The improvement of planting and harvesting techniques, linked to sustainability concepts, makes silviculture an alternative to stop deforestation of native forests and contribute to the mitigation of climate change. The organization's commitment to sustainability, the quality of forest assets, in addition to trained and engaged professionals ensure that the final product, after going through the entire processing chain, follows environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable processes, not only for the company, but for the entire region.


Norflor is committed to developing its activities in a responsible manner, therefore the company proposes measures to prevent and mitigate environmental impacts.


Norflor adopts a different model of management for this natural resource, essential to life and business: it prioritizes solutions that optimize water storage, such as: rainwater harvesting, diversification of water sources, monitoring and protection of natural reservoirs.

Waste Management

The solid waste generated by our activities follows one of four possible destinations: recycling, class 1 landfill, decontamination, use as fuel or incineration. All measures are in line with the National Solid Waste Policy (LAW 12.305/10).

Cerrado Conservation

The forest management approach based on the concept of landscape mosaics associates planted forests with the conservation of the Cerrado Biome, promoting a physical barrier that protects Norflor's productive site, while prioritizing the formation of ecological corridors that connect natural forest fragments.

Restoration of Degraded Lands

The recovery techniques adopted by Norflor are based on the environmental characteristics of each area and favor the densification and enrichment of ecological corridors that serve as shelter and passage ways for native animals and plants that would, otherwise, be isolated in forest fragments in the wider landscape.


Norflor adopts a monitoring plan of relevant information for strategic, tactical and operational management. This plan encompasses 67 indicators of different natures including: finances, operations, environmental and social aspects. Each indicator is measured according to its specific time frame, source of information and person responsible. Examples of material topics within the social and environmental context include consumption of chemical products, soil and water conservation, biodiversity, watersheds, forest fires, community engagement, among others.

Social Responsability

Norflor believes that the economic, social and cultural empowerment of local communities pave the way to sustainable development within the regions under our influence. In addition to the work opportunities created, Norflor invests in a series of social projects and initiatives.

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Saber – Environmental Education

This Program shares information and encourages environment-friendly practices among employees, suppliers and communities in order to promote sustainable and transformative attitudes.


This Program welcomes local community leaders, public servants, and other guests to get to know Norflor on site. Visitors can see for themselves forestry operations, social and conservation initiatives and the results of years monitoring key indicators.

Aflorar – Regenerative Agriculture

This project focuses on families of high levels of social and economic vulnerabilities and provides training in implementing organic horticulture, backyard forests and small-scale agroforestry systems. Training sessions and outreach is conducted in partnership with the Federal University of minas Gerais and EMATER, in order to share knowledge on innovative agricultural practices, cooperation mechanisms and entrepreneurship.

Community Fire Brigade

This programs educates local community members on alternative techniques to agricultural management and alerts Norflor´s neighbors of the destructive potential of forest fires.

Investing in local culture

Norflor contributes to the cultural and social development of the municipalities in which it is inserted. Some of these inniciatives include Outdoors Cinema, performances by local artists, musicians, poets and storytellers, musical talent shows and theater festivals.

Women Entrepreneurs

This program aims to educate women to develop the necessary skills as entrepreneurs to open and succeed in their own businesses. The women are also trained as multipliers and community organizers to enhance the outreach capacity of the program.