About Norflor

Our focus is to create shared values along the entire supply chain, be it wood or charcoal. We aim towards solid and long lasting results for our shareholders, a safe and dignified work environment for our empolyees, economic and social development of the communities in which we are inserted, and the conservation of water, biodiversity and ecosystem services provided by the Cerrado to the local population, our busines and the planet. We want to go beyond the limits of our planted forests and empower our stakeholders, taking action with integrity and commitment to do the ordinary in an extraordinary manner.


Who we are

Norflor's mission is to create sustainable value, developing a forest-based business. We are committed to doing what is right to succeed, acting with integrity and excellence while conducting our projects. Norflor´s operations generate monetary value along its supply chains, as well as direct and indirect jobs. Norflor believes in the economic, social and cultural empowerment of our communities. We follow all applicable environmental laws and regulations, going one step further and setting aside 35% of our area for conservation.

Sustainability Tripod

Norflor seeks sustainable value throughout its supply chain.


The company cultivates a broad range of relationships and encompasses various segments

Purpose and Culture

INTEGRITY is Norflor’s main value, that drives transparent and responsible behavior, conduct and relationships. The company’s employees work with COMMITMENT, operate with ownership attitude, in mindful individual practices that elevate Norflor to EXCELLENCE. The diversity of people with knowledge, experience and opinions makes the Norflor TEAM active, which contributes to strategic, tactical, and operational decision making. All these values and principles feed and reinforce its main virtue, SUSTAINABILITY, as the organization seeks sustainable value throughout its supply chain, acting in the forestry business in a consistent manner.

Corporate Governance

Preservation and optimization of long-term economic, social, and environmental values, driving and monitoring the quality of management for the common good.


Norflor bases its relationships with various segments of stakeholders on transparency, fairness, accountability and responsibility.


Norflor practices compliance to a strict code of ethics, embodied in a document that includes guidelines for stakeholders behavior in day-to-day situations. View document.

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Ethics Hotline

An open communication channel to listen, investigate and improve the company’s processes. Send us your doubts, suggestions, and criticism at anytime, 24h a day.

Alô, Norflor!


Norflor holds sustainable management certificates of its forest operations as well as the chain of custody related to the production of charcoal.

Forest Management Plan

Forest Stewardship Council Certificate (FSC-COC006051)